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Join Us to Create the Ocean of the Future

Language: English

The UNESCO World Heritage List currently counts 50 marine sites. This unique collection is protected by a network of people. Working together, these World Heritage marine managers have thousands of hours of experience in conserving the world’s most iconic sites. Their success is transforming the way we protect the ocean, but it is a race against time. New problems threaten our ocean like never before, and World Heritage marine managers cannot cope with those problems without you. Investing in Marine World Heritage means building a future of hope. World Heritage sites are the best the ocean can be. They are a legacy from the past. What we live with today. And what we pass on to the next generation. Join us to create the ocean of the future.

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Place/region: Various countries
Type: Promotional material
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Publisher: UNESCO WHC
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Original: Video.MP4
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UMVS reference: SYNAV-2019-12-18-000322-WHC-SD
Rights holder: UNESCO