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Subjects: UNESCO history
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75th Anniversary of UNESCO: Our World, Our Humanity

Language: English
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After two World Wars in less than thirty years, UNESCO was born of a clear vision: to achieve lasting peace, economic and political agreements among states are not enough. We need to bring people together through mutual understanding and dialogue between cultures.
Over the years, UNESCO has launched pioneering programmes to achieve this.
From the very beginning, UNESCO denounced racism, and mobilized philosophers, artists, the brightest minds from every nation, to develop innovative projects that changed how we see the world: the Universal Copyright Convention, Biosphere Reserves, World Heritage, Intangible Heritage… Narrated by Herbie Hancock

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Place/region: Worldwide
Type: Promotional material
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Participant: Herbie Hancock
Publisher: UNESCO Bureau of Public Information
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Rights: UNESCO Bureau of Public Information

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UMVS reference: SYNAV-2021-11-12-000331-DPI.HD
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