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Creative Resilience: Art by Women in Science, pt. 2

Language: English

Women scientists are less visible than their male counterparts. Through this exhibition, UNESCO seeks to give a voice to STEM women and give visibility to their unique scientific perspectives, personal journey, creations, and resilience throughout the pandemic.
With the participation of: Paycha, Sylvie (France); Adami, Eleonora (Italy); Ahsan, Isna (Pakistan); al-Far, Mysoon (Jordan); Baakdhah, Tahani (Saudi Arabia); Braunstedter, Vanessa (France); Buensalido, Jocel (Philippines); Coleman, Theloni (United States of America); Frøslie, Kathrine Frey (Norway); Gangi Reddy, Srikala (India); Words of Women in Matematics (Group Application); Jaiwal, Mallika (India); Josan, Valentina (Republic of Moldova); Kamen, Rebecca (United States of America); Kiangu, Kerene (Democratic Republic of Congo); Lee, Olivia (Malaysia); Madushani, Maheshika (Sri Lanka); Mahata, Sumana (United States of America); Neace, Meghan (United States of America); Novotova, Marta (Slovakia); Pandit, Namrata (India); Payette Peterson, Hannah (United States of America); Rastan, Avesta (Canada); Zarina, Solvita (Latvia)

on this subject: Creative Resilience

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Place/region: UNESCO-HQ
Type: Animated film
Production and personalities:
Cartoon character: Various artists
Publisher: UNESCO Division of Gender Equality
Rights: UNESCO Division of Gender Equality

Original: Video.MP4
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: SYNAV-2021-11-07-001327-GEN.HD
Rights holder: UNESCO