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Nomad Games: rediscovering heritage, celebrating diversity

Language: English

Inscription in the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices - 2021. Kyrgyz people’s cultural heritage is intrinsically linked to the nomadic lifestyle. However, during the Soviet era, which came with forced sedentation, many elements became endangered, including traditional games. Traditional game practitioners and knowledge bearers held their first major meeting in 2007 to discuss current challenges and safeguarding needs for the traditional nomad games. These discussions shaped the Nomad Games: Rediscovering Heritage programme, which focused on documentation and identification of the variety of traditional games in different parts of the country.

on this subject: Nomination file/Dossier de candidature

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Kyrgyzstan, Asia
Series: Inscriptions on the Intangible Heritage Lists
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Coproducer/sponsor: Kyrgyztan National Commission for UNESCO
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Rights: Kyrgyztan National Commission for UNESCO; UNESCO

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UMVS reference: SYNAV-8c4-0173800017.HD.MP4
Source ref.: DOC: 0173800017
Rights holder: Kyrgyztan National Commission for UNESCO