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Culture, Tourism and Development for the 21st Century. ©UNESCO 1996
Culture, Tourism and Development for the 21st Century

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Documentary film about the conference "Culture, Tourism, Development: Crucial Issues for the XXIst Century" (UNESCO headquarters, 26 - 27 June 1996), which discussed issues affecting cultural tourism on the eve of the new millennium.

The goal of the conference was to study the development of the tourism industry, which concerned 570 million international tourists in 1995, and to assist UNESCO in planning and defining its activities in this field.

The conference was organized by UNESCO with specialists from Africa, America, Asia and Europe. Researchers, architects, sociologists and tourism professionals were among the participants.

Place/region: Benin, Bolivia, Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mexico, Senegal
Type: Documentary
Authors and personalities: Thuy Tien Ho, director ; Laurent Lindebings, director ; Corinne Bondu, director.
Production: UNESCO TV, producer ; Orchidees, producer. Les films du village, sponsor.
Published in:
Rights: UNESCO; Orchidees Studio

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