Culture of peace

Abrindo espaços - Making Room. ©UNESCO 2002
Abrindo espaços - Making Room

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Escola aberta

The Open Schools Programme is based on a culture of peace and nonviolence to promote the citizenship of adolescents, youngsters and the school community as a whole.

It is an initiative in which several areas of the UNESCO mandate come together - an action for social inclusion that stimulates improvements in schools, cultural participation, increased awareness in regard to STD and AIDS prevention and care for the environment

Lugar/região: Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Latin America
Tipo: Documentary
Autores e personalidades: Silvio Tendler, director. Miguel Perira, participant ; Paula Damasceno, participant ; Bruno Oliveira, participant ; Flavia Celestino, participant ; Patricia Tebet, participant ; Pedro Cintra, participant.
Produção: Caliban, producer. UNESCO Brasilia, sponsor.
Publicado em:
Catálogo biblioteca (UNESDOC): 142278
Direitos: Caliban; UNESCO Brasilia

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