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Traditional Mauritian Sega. ©UNESCO 1970
Traditional Mauritian Sega

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Traditional Mauritian Sega is a performing art emblematic of the Creole community. Each solo singer improvises lyrics, while a frame drum, box rattle and triangle keep time and produce the rhythmic beat. Dancers move their hips and hands, using short steps to manoeuvre around each other. Practitioners transmit their skills both formally and informally through participation and imitation. Sega can be danced by all members of the community and contributes to unify various groups around a shared Mauritian heritage.

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Place/region: Mauritius, Africa
Series: 2014 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Publisher: Nelson Mandela Centre for African Culture Trust Fund; University of Mauritius, National Heritage Fund
Rights: Nelson Mandela Centre for African Culture Trust Fund; University of Mauritius [National Heritage Fund]; Le Morne Heritage Trust Fund; Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation

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