Support to Media in Jordan

Media legislation, regulation and capacity building are essential components for the development of a pluralistic, professional, free media environment enabling freedom of expression as a fundamental human right. Generously funded by the EU with 3 Million Euros, the project is part of a broader EU initiative to support civil society and media in Jordan. It will focus on the media sector in Jordan as a platform for democratic dialogue and a crucial instrument to transparency and accountability in a democratic society. The project aims to address these areas following an inclusive and participatory approach. Its primary objective is to strengthen an enabling regulatory and institutional environment and to build the capacity for an independent, quality based media sector serving the entire population.

The primary beneficiaries are those working in the media sector but Jordanian society as a whole will also benefit due to its reliance on the media as a major source of information.

The project will be implemented over two phases from 2014-2017. The first phase will be initiated through research and comprehensive sectoral assessments. These assessments will then lead to shaping the structure, formation and implementation of activities in the Second Phase.

Based on the findings of the first phase, the second phase of the project is currently:

  • Supporting the capacity of local and community radios;
  • Strengthening journalism education and training institutions;
  • Enriching media and information literacy at the elementary and university levels;
  • Supporting an enabling legal environment, including alignment of the Audio-Visual Law (AVL), Press and Publication Law (PPL), and Access to Information Law (ATI) with international standards as well as the broadcast licensing system;
  • Facilitating training on the ATI for public servants;
  • Organizing an international study tour for capacity building in self regulation.

The project seeks a significant and long-lasting impact through the involvement of key actors in the media sector.

The primary beneficiary of this project is media in Jordan, with special technical assistance provided to the Minister of State for Media Affairs (MoSMA). Overall support will be provided to Jordan Press Association, media sector (media professionals from radio, print press, TV and online outlets), citizen journalists, media and journalism students, JPA members and government bodies involved in media including public educational institutions.

The project was officially launched on October 29th, 2014.

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