07.05.2018 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

2018 Asia-Pacific Regional GCED Network Meeting: Solidifying Regional Action for GCED

2018 Asia-Pacific Regional GCED Network Meeting: Solidifying Regional Action for GCED

3-4 May 2018. UNESCO Jakarta in collaboration with UNESCO Bangkok and APCEIU organizes the 2018 Asia-Pacific Regional GCED Network Meeting: Solidifying Regional Action for Global Citizenship Education (GCED) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The event brought together more than 50 education experts and policy makers representing ministries, universities, international NGOs, National Commissions for UNESCO, and UNESCO Field Offices aiming to identify the key GCED topics, challenges and opportunities in Asia and the Pacific, to share the GCED cases on curriculum, learning materials, methods and learning environment.

Prof. Arief Rachman, the executive chairman of the Indonesian National Commission or UNESCO welcomed participants in his remarks by stressing the importance of integrating GCED into the educational environment to unite the learning communities through GCED approach “Learning to be, learning to feel, learning to know, learning to do, and learning to live together”.

Maki Hayashikawa represented both UNESCO Jakarta and UNESCO Bangkok took note that the Global Citizenship Education is the critical component of SDG 4.7 and it underscores the need for holistic approach and the competent skills learning, supported by 3 pillars of skills: cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioral skills. GCED also plays a critical role in effectively implementing all the SDGs across to achieve our agenda 2030. “There is a need for SDG 4.7 collective action with the specific focus on GCED”, Maki Hayashikawa invited the participants to take an active part in the discussion on GCED inputs and process.

Utak Chung, Director of APCEIU, shared his point of view on the importance of GCED contextualization to promote universality and to respect particularity in his welcoming remarks: “I strongly believe that APR GCED network has a great opportunity to share experience and knowledge from different stakeholders to build solid network in promoting and disseminating GCED in Asia – Pacific”.

Dr.Ananto Kusuma Seta, Senior Advisor for the Minister of Education and Culture, Indonesia officially opened the meeting and expect that the meeting will result a recommendation for better implementation of GCED in the regioan.

The first day raised such important questions as: How GCED is taught in classroom? What GCED competence addressed? GCED in extra-curricular activities?

The second day was focused on GCED outcomes, remaining gaps, capacity building, policy and advocacy. The participants were divided into groups for brainstorming sessions with the objective to discuss these issues. Group work was followed by the plenary discussion where presenters gave rise to an engaging conversation and finalization of the APA GCED Network Strategy.

The event was closed by summarizing recommendations for future action on networks’ objectives, partnership, monitoring and follow-up mechanisms.

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