Sustainability Science

Using science to foster inclusive and sustainable development while protecting the environment

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The Challenges of Sustainable Development

Sustainability Science brings together the experience and knowledge generated across a wide range of scientific disciplines to answer a question that is central to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): How do we meet the needs of present and future generations while substantially reducing poverty and conserving the planet's life support systems?

Today, Sustainability Science is at the forefront of global efforts to find solutions to sustainability problems, from climate change and biodiversity loss to ecosystem degradation and persistent poverty and inequality.
UNESCO Jakarta Offi¬ce has pioneered the translation of Sustainability Science principles into action through various applied projects throughout Asia and the Pacific, designed to:

  • Unite communities, policymakers, private sector and academic establishment to collectively identify the pressing challenges and devise effective solutions;
  • Use indigenous knowledge systems developed with long and close interaction with nature to complement the knowledge derived from modern science; and 
  • Build capacity for linking knowledge with action to promote sustainability.

Pursuing Solutions: Sustainability Science in Action


Case Studies from Applied Sustainability Science Projects in Indonesia:

  • Green Livelihood, Green Education Project: Challenges confronted by people in Alahan Panjang village (District of Solok, West Sumatera Province:) English / Indonesian
  • Mount Sasak and its biodiversity (District of West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province) English / Indonesian
  • Climate change and the challenges of irregular weather patterns for the farmers in Imogiri (District of Bantul, Special Province of Yogyakarta) English / Indonesian

For more information of this topic, please check this link or directly contact the UNESCO Jakarta Office:

M Ai Sugiura (Natural Science Unit) a.sugiura(at)

Mr Irakli Khodeli (Social and Human Sciences Unit) i.khodeli(at)

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