Management of Social Transformation

MLA 1: Supporting social science research and humanities thinking on social transformations and intercultural dialogue in East Africa

This activity is developed in line with ER 1 of MLA 1, which seeks to deploy the tools of social science research and humanities thinking in support of rapid social transformations currently occurring at the global, regional and national levels in Member States. The ultimate objective is to promote better understanding among diverse peoples and cultures, in an effort to achieve nationally, regionally and globally inclusive societies. To do so, reflection and dialogue among these disparate groups is essential. Promoting concepts of global citizenship, while at the same time maintaining and preserving national identities within the broader context of promoting a culture of peace, may very well be an idea whose time has come, but to be certain what that really means, requires conceptual clarity.

Important Points to Note

  • Geographical scope of this activity is Eastern Africa
  • Initial proposal to design specific regional intervention(s) benefiting all or most countries would from
  • Such intervention could be tied to an AU related culture of peace initiative, and jointly pursued with UNESCO Liaison Office in Addis Ababa.
  • Consultation with UNESCO Addis Office and the AU
  • National programme intervention to be considered especially in conflict/post-conflict countries
  • Room for Intersectoral collaboration
  • Partnerships to include: UNESCO Sectors and Offices; AU/RECs (e.g. EAC/IGAD, etc), UN agencies, National Commissions, universities/research centers (for conceptual work); peace activists, civil society, etc
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