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Mapping priorities and actions for maritime/marine spatial planning worldwide: a joint roadmap

©UNESCO: Vladimir Ryabinin (IOC-UNESCO) and Felix Leinemann (DG-MARE) toast to the success of the 2nd International Conference on Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO) and the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission (DG MARE) adopted today a "Joint Roadmap to accelerate Maritime/Marine Spatial Planning processes worldwide".

The roadmap identifies common challenges and proposals for actions to be implemented in the coming years, reaching out for collaboration with other UN bodies and Member States. The joint document is a practical outcome of the Second International Conference on Maritime/ Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) organised jointly by DG-MARE and IOC-UNESCO on 15-17 March 2017.

The main objective of the Conference was to review the status of Maritime/Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) - one decade after the first International MSP Conference – and to identify a path forward that addresses multiple global challenges from 2017 onwards.

The outcome went far beyond expectations, showcasing an international community of planners and stakeholders ready to identify solutions and commit to cross-sectoral actions in order to conserve our oceans and seas and to use their resources in a more sustainable way.

Exchanging experiences and networking, including through innovative tools such as gaming and cartooning, brought together 300 maritime players around the table and empowered them to promote the planning of the maritime space around the globe.

Across eleven thematic sessions, conference speakers highlighted MSP as a significant planning tool and process to implement global ocean governance goals and in particular the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It can ensure that the global ocean remains healthy and sustainably managed, delivering economic growth, jobs and resources to all countries.

The 2nd International Conference on MSP reflected the international momentum for a global boost in MSP implementation. Participants walked out with renewed appetite for joint initiatives and further cross-border collaboration, and the two co-organizers kicked-off a significant political commitment through the joint MSP roadmap.

The roadmap will be submitted to the UN Conference on SDG 14 (5-9 June 2017) by IOC-UNESCO and DG MARE as part of a joint voluntary commitment highlighting the contribution of MSP to the implementation of Agenda 2030. The two organizations intend to host a special side event on MSP during the Conference to present the MSP roadmap and to catalyse partnerships with all relevant stakeholders.

Full document: Joint Roadmap to accelerate Maritime/Marine Spatial Planning processes worldwide

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