Internal Oversight Service

IOS Team June 2011

IOS Team June 2011 © UNESCO

UNESCO's Internal Oversight Service (IOS)
consists of three branches:

IOS reports directly to the Director-General of UNESCO and provides independent and objective assurance as well as advisory services designed to add value and improve UNESCO's operations. The office has the authority to initiate, carry out and report on any action it considers necessary to fulfill its responsibilities with regard to its oversight functions.   Its functional independence and operational effectiveness are supported by the Oversight Advisory Committee comprised of external experts in audit, evaluation and risk management.

Since its establishment in 2001, IOS has evolved by increasing its focus on providing information and recommendations relevant to attaining strategic and organizational objectives and by improving governance, risk management and internal control as derived from its charter.

The oversight strategy of 2008-2013 focuses on enhancing accountability and transparency for the effective and efficient achievement of programme results. IOS is also assisting in building organizational capacity, through its involvement in the corporate Risk Management process to identify, asses and mitigate the risks that might prevent UNESCO from achieving its objectives.

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