Sarah Brightman

Ms. Sarah Brightman, UNESCO Artist for Peace

“Muse of musical theatre”, “Prolific recording artist and concert performer”, “Best-selling soprano”, those are just a few of the distinctions that decorate the career of international singing star Sarah Brightman, a work in progress that continues to delight fans and defy summary. It is a story as rich as the voice that has rung out from theatres, arenas, cathedrals and Olympic stadiums for almost four decades bringing to life some of the world’s most beautiful music.  

Pop star turned diva in the true sense of the word, Sarah pioneered the “classical crossover” category. Indeed, she is the only artist ever to simultaneously top the Billboard classical and dance charts. Today, Sarah’s work transcends genre, synthesizing many influences and inspirations into something that she alone owns. Her albums – each under its own thematic canopy – blend virtuosity and accessibility to extraordinary effect. Her concerts are feasts for the senses that place Sarah’s three-plus octave voice in dazzling dramatic settings.

Along the way, Sarah has brought to bear her considerable training as a dancer and actor, as well as the fruits of her collaboration with distinguished teachers, composers, directors, conductors, musicians and fellow singers.   Sarah has won more than 180 gold and platinum awards in over 40 countries. Her global star still very much on the rise, she has achieved combined sales of over 30 million CDs and DVDs.

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