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Study trip to Italy of UNESCO Summer School students on REEE governance

The tour for a number of students from South-East Europe throughout the Veneto area will provide a first-hand introduction to the implementation of a highly efficient and integrated waste management system aimed at producing energy (biogas) and regenerating material for a new production life cycle (compost, raw plastic, etc.) at the Consortium PD3 Este (Padua). The students will visit the newly-installed geothermal power facilities enhancing the energetic self-sufficiency and limiting the GHG emissions of the waste management plant.

Two young scientists from Italy and Turkey win the Chemistry in South-East Europe Grant

The grant financed by the UNESCO Venice Office will be awarded to the 2 selected young chemists during the closing ceremony of the International Year of Chemistry 2011, organized by the Italian National Commission for UNESCO on 15 December at the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome. This grant was aimed towards supporting a fruitful scientific collaboration between Italian and South-East European researchers in chemistry. Congratulations to the winners, Dr. Marco Masia and Dr. Özgür Birer, who come respectively from Italy and Turkey!

Apollonia Archaeological Museum reopens

After more than 20 years of closure and months of restoration works, the museum is ready to be reopened to the public. The inauguration ceremony will take place on 6 December in the premises of the newly renovated Apollonia Archaeological museum, Fier. The museum, established in 1985, is located inside the medieval monastery in the heart of the Apollonia Archaeological Park. It presents a unique collection of excavation materials dating back to the different periods of Illyrian Apollonia.

Fighting the illicit traffic of cultural property

Thanks to the generous support of the Federal Government of Austria, the UNESCO Venice Office 15’ video on sensitization and awareness-raising on the fight against the illicit traffic of cultural property has been translated into 9 languages of South-East European countries. Realized in close cooperation with Ministries of Culture and National Commissions of South-East Europe, the video is now available in Albanian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Romanian, Serbian and Slovenian.

The H2Ooooh! Initiative travels the world

UNESCO has been actively promoting this scientific and creative learning experience for schoolchildren on an international level. The aim is to reach as many schools as possible around the world and invite them to participate. Pet Pals have be one of the protagonists of the multimedia permanent exhibition Open UNESCO during the General Conference of UNESCO, of the UNESCO IHP Session at “Sustaining the Blue Planet: Global Water Education Conference” and of the international Cannes media industry event MIPCOM. More on the agenda.

World Heritage sites in the SEE region: Disaster Risk Preparedness and Management

Raising awareness among professionals and responsible agencies for the need to develop appropriate disaster risk management plans; raising capacity in developing appropriate regimes of risk management in major cultural sites of Albania; and, laying the ground for the development of a disaster risk management plan in the selected cultural sites, acting as a model for other sites both in Albania and in the whole Region.

Music to Soothe a Savage Planet

UNESCO Venice Office is committed to deepening the scientific knowledge about the world’s cultural heritage and fragile ecosystems in lagoons and coastal zones, particularly in the light of the new environmental and social changes currently taking place on a global scale. The UNESCO Concert scheduled on 13 November 6pm. at the Gran Teatro La Fenice is offered to raise awareness on the above issues, not only as they affect Venice, but also other similar sites around South-East Europe and the Mediterranean. 

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