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Announced 2011 edition of The Best in Heritage Conference

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The Best in Heritage Conference to be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on 2-24 September 2011 will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Organized annually in partnership with Europa Nostra, this event serves to identify and promote the best museum, heritage and conservation projects in the world. This event brings together museum and heritage professionals (architects, designers, consultants, information specialists, suppliers, tourism experts, media people etc.), various institutions and professionals from a broad range of practice and interest in the field of heritage. The conference will present awarded, new or renewed institutions worldwide and a great number of exceptional projects hardly known to the international professional public.

UNESCO has been regularly associated to this conference in the past years. Anthony Krause, in representation of the Venice Office and as head of its Culture unit, will participate in the event and promote the role of museums as reflective places of dialogue and understanding, as well as facilitators and mediators of cultural exchanges, particularly in the South-East European region.

UNESCO further supports the "Best in Heritage" Master Class is a post-conference event organized by the European Heritage Association from Zagreb to take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 25 to 26 September 2011 right after the conference. The course is directed to advanced students of museology, heritage studies, heritage management and alike, and young, ambitious professionals already working in the domain. The course programme consists of lecturing, reflection and discussion upon projects presented during the conference governed by the three basic aspects of excellence: collecting, care and communication, plus a discussion on the theme of this year "Difficult Heritage".

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