UNESCO Collection of the History of Civilizations of Central Asia

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Online edition

The dawn of civilization:  earliest times to 700 B.C. (pdf, 13,49Mb)

The development of sedentary and nomadic civilizations: 700 BC to A.D. 250. (pdf, 15,86Mb)

The cross-roads of civilizations: AD 250 to 750 (pdf, 7,07Mb)

The age of achievement AD 750 to the end of the fifteenth century
Part I (pdf, 8,29Mb)
Part II (pdf, 17,75Mb)

Development in contrast: from the sixteenth to the mid-nineteenth century (pdf, 13,81Mb)

Towards contemporary civilization: from the mid-nineteenth century to the present time (pdf, 35,05Mb)

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