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From the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century

P. Burke
H. Inalcik

I. Habib
J. Ki-Zerbo
T. Kusamitsu
C. Martínez Shaw 

E. Tchernjak
E. Trabulse

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Summary :

The period covered by this volume opens in traditional fashion with the "discovery" of the New World and closes with the French Revolution.

The 61 authors, from 36 countries set out to strike a balance between a straight forward account of the rise of the West and a collection of essays on different parts of the world which emphasize diversity at the expense of a unifying theme.

Whereas the one hand they concentrate on the history of "culture", on the other hand they highlight the phenomenon of "acculturation" which was promoted mainly by the slave trade and colonialism. The latter aspect is treated with the apparatus of the theory of interdependence, distinguishing between centres and peripheries, both in the politico-economical and the religious and cultural fields.

Table of Contents


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1999, Routledge/UNESCO

  Table of Contents

P. Burke, H. Inalcik


Chapter 1 Population and Environment
Jacques Dupaquier

Chapter 2 Technological Development
Irfan Habib

Chapter 3 Social and Economic Change
IIrfan Habib

Chapter 4  Political Transformations
John A. Hall

Chapter 5 Cultural Contacts and Exchanges
Guillermo Cespedes del Castillo

Chapter 6 Colonialism

6.1 Introduction
Irfan Habib

6.2 Europeans in America
Anthony Pagden

6.3 Europeans in Africa
Jean Boulègue

6.4 Europeans in Asia

6.4.1 Europeans in Western Asia
Halil Inalcik

6.4.2 Europeans in other parts of Asia
Sarvepalli Gopal

Chapter 7 Religions and World Views
Ninian Smart

Chapter 8 The Study of Nature and the Universe
Steven J. Harris

Chapter 9  The Study of Society
David Wootton

Chapter 10  The Arts
Partha Mitter

Chapter 11 Information and Communication
Peter Burke


Chapter 12 Western Europe

12.1.1 Economy and Society During the XVIth, XVIIth Centuries
Angel García Sanchez

12.1.2 Economy and Society During the XVIIIth  Century
Carlos Martínez Shaw

12.2 Politics and States

12.2.1 Politics and the States during the XVIth, XVIIth Centuries
Angel Rodríguez Sanchez

12.2.2 Political Life XVIIIth Century
Carlos Martínez Shaw

12.3 Culture
Manuel Fernández Alvarez

Chapter 13 East-Central Europe
Antoni Maczak

Chapter 14 Russia
Victor I. Buganov, revised by Peter Burke

Chapter 15 Southeast Europe

15.1 Social Structures in the Balkans
Nikolaï Todorov

15.2 Aspects of Cultural life
Paschalis M. Kitromilides, Nadia Danova, Alexandre Dutu, Manolis Chadzidakis, Alexandre PopovicNikolaï Todorov (co-ordinator)

Chapter 16  The Ottoman Empire

16.1 History
Halil Inalcik

16.2 Sciences
Sevim Tekeli

16.3 The Arts
Gönül Öney

Chapter 17 Arab Lands

17.1 Syria
Abdul-Karim Rafeq

17.2 Iraq
Sayyar K. Al-Jamil

17.3 Ottoman Egypt (AD 1517-1798)
Abdul Rahim 'Abdul Rahman'

17.4 North Africa
Abdeljelil Temimi

17.5 Arabian Peninsula
Mohammad Saeed Al-Sha'afi

Chapter 18  Iran, Armenia and Georgia

18.1.1 Iran: Rise of Shi’i State in Iran and New Orientation in Islamic Thought and Culture
Roger M. Savory

18.1.2 Iran (1629-1796)
John R. Perry

18.2 Armenia and Georgia
Parouir M. Mouradian, Akaky  Sourguladzé

Chapter 19 Central Asia
Galina .A. Pugachenkova

Chapter 20  South Asia

20.1 Economy
Irfan Habib

20.2 Social Structures
Leslie Gunawardana

20.3 Political Structure
Irfan Habib

Chapter 21  Southeast Asia
Denys Lombard

Chapter 22 China
Wang Sizhi

Chapter 23  Japan and Korea

23.1 Japan
Akira Hayami

23.2 Korea
Tae-Jin Yi

Chapter 24  North America
Anne-Marie Blondeau

Chapter 25 North America
Jack P. Greene

Chapter 26 Latin America and the Caribbean

26.1 Latin America and the Caribbean

26.1.1. Mexico
Silvio Zavala, edited by Peter Burke

26.1.2 Peru
Franklin Pease García-Yrigoyen

26.1.3 Brazil
Laura de Mello e Souza

26.2 Caribbean
Patrick E. Bryan

Chapter 27  Africa

27.1 Economy and Society
Abiola Felix Iroko

27.2 Political Structures and Trends
Abiodun adebayo Adediran, Isidore Ndaywel è Nziem, Buluda A. Itandala, Hoyini H.K. Bhila, Isaac Adeagbo Akinjogbin and Elisée Soumonni (co-ordinators)

27.3 Culture
Harris Memel-Foté

Chapter 27  Oceania
Kerry Howe


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