Implementation of the 2003 Convention at the national level: periodic reporting



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The Convention provides in Article 29 that States Parties shall submit to the Committee reports on the legislative, regulatory and other measures taken for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage in their territories.The Committee examines those reports, in accordance with Article 7 (f), and summarizes them for the General Assembly.

Reporting on the implementation of the Convention and on the status of elements inscribed on the Representative List

Periodic reporting allows States Parties to assess their implementation of the Convention, evaluate their capacities for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage, report on their inventories of intangible cultural heritage and update the status of elements inscribed on the Representative List. They are also one of the Convention’s key mechanisms for international cooperation, allowing States and communities to benefit from the experience gained in other States Parties and to exchange information on effective safeguarding measures and strategies.

Each State Party submits its periodic report to the Committee by 15 December of the sixth year following the year in which it deposited its instrument of ratification, acceptance or approval, and every sixth year thereafter, making use of Form ICH-10 (see forms page).

Reporting on elements inscribed on the Urgent Safeguarding List

When elements are inscribed on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding, the submitting State Party commits itself to take safeguarding measures aimed at strengthening the viability of the heritage concerned. Four years after inscription, the State Party reports to the Committee on the current situation of the element, the effectiveness of the safeguarding measures it has implemented, and the challenges it has encountered, allowing the Committee, State Party and community concerned to monitor whether the inscription is achieving its goal of focusing attention and resources on heritage at risk so that it can continue to be practised and transmitted.

Reports on each element inscribed on the Urgent Safeguarding List are submitted by the State Party on 15 December of the fourth year following the year in which the element was inscribed, and every fourth year thereafter (see forms page).

Reports submitted to the Committee

During its sixth session (2011), the Committee examined six reports and provided an overview in two documents:

During its seventh session, the Committee examined 16 reports, as described in following document:

During its eighth session, the Committee examined 11 reports, as described in following documents:

During its ninth session, the Committee will examine 35 reports, as described in following documents:

CountryType of reportReportDate
AlbaniaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
AlgeriaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2011 (6.COM)
ArgentinaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
ArmeniaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
BelarusPeriodic Report (USL)English|French2011 (6.COM)
BelarusPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
BelarusPeriodic Report (USL)English|French2014 (9.COM)
BelgiumPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2013 (8.COM)
BelizePeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
BrazilPeriodic Report (USL)English|French2013 (8.COM)
BrazilPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
BulgariaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2013 (8.COM)
Burkina FasoPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
BurundiPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
CambodiaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2013 (8.COM)
Central African RepublicPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2011 (6.COM)
ChinaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2011 (6.COM)
Côte d’IvoirePeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2013 (8.COM)
CroatiaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
CubaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
CyprusPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
EgyptPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
EstoniaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
EthiopiaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2013 (8.COM)
FrancePeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
GabonPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
GuatemalaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
HondurasPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
HungaryPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2013 (8.COM)
IndiaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
IndonesiaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
ItalyPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
JapanPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2011 (6.COM)
KenyaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
KenyaPeriodic Report (USL)English|French2014 (9.COM)
KyrgyzstanPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
LatviaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
LatviaPeriodic Report (USL)English|French2014 (9.COM)
LithuaniaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
LuxembourgPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
MadagascarPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2013 (8.COM)
MaliPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
MaliPeriodic Report (USL)English|French2014 (9.COM)
MauritiusPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2011 (6.COM)
MexicoPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
MongoliaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
MongoliaPeriodic Report (USL)English|French2014 (9.COM)
MongoliaPeriodic Report (USL)English|French2014 (9.COM)
MongoliaPeriodic Report (USL)English|French2014 (9.COM)
MoroccoPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
NamibiaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
NigeriaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
OmanPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2013 (8.COM)
PakistanPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
PeruPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
Republic of KoreaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
RomaniaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
SenegalPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2013 (8.COM)
SeychellesPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
SlovakiaPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
SpainPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
Syrian Arab RepublicPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
TurkeyPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2013 (8.COM)
United Arab EmiratesPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
UruguayPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)Periodic Report (Convention)English|French2014 (9.COM)
Viet NamPeriodic Report (Convention)English|French2012 (7.COM)
Viet NamPeriodic Report (USL)English|French2014 (9.COM)