Files under process (2014)

Below are the files for 2014 cycle. This list is not yet complete and is updated daily as eligible files are being registered.

This list includes nominations for the Urgent Safeguarding List or the Representative List, proposals for the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices and requests for International Assistance of more than US$ 25,000. The Committee will examine them during its ninth session in November 2014.

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EN: Attan

FR: Attan

Representative List

File reference: 986

Nomination form ICH-02:French17 Mar 2014
Consent of communities:Pashto/French17 Mar 2014
ICH inventory:Dari/English31 Jan 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Attan-E-Melli’ (31:41):Musical soundtrack 14 Feb 2014
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Afghanistan - Azerbaijan - India - Iran (Islamic Republic of) - Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan - Pakistan - Tajikistan - Turkey

EN: Naoroz, Novruz, Nowrouz, Nowrouz, Nauryz, Nooruz, Nauroz, Navruz, Nevruz, Nevruz, Navrusz

FR: Nauroz

Representative List

File reference: 954

Nomination form ICH-02:English12 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Afghanistan:Dari/French12 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Kazakhstan:Kazakh/English12 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Kyrgyzstan:Kyrgyz/English12 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Uzbekistan:Uzbek/English12 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Tajikistan:Tajik/English12 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Azerbaijan:English12 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - India:English12 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Iran:Persian12 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Pakistan:English12 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Turkey:English12 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources AZE:snapshot - Inventory - Element21 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resoruces KAZ:snapshot - Inventory21 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources KGZ:snapshot - Inventory21 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources PAK:snapshot - Inventory21 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources TUR:snapshot - Inventory - Element21 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources UZB:snapshot - Inventory21 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Afghanistan:French/Dari12 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Kazakhstan:English/Kazakh12 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Kyrgyzstan:English12 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Tajikistan:English12 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Turkey:Turkish12 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Uzbekistan:English/Uzbek12 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Naoroz, Novruz, Nowrouz, Nowrouz, Nauryz, Nooruz, Nauroz, Navruz, Nevruz, Navruz’ (09:53):English24 Mar 2014
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EN: Establishing and promoting the inventory of intangible cultural heritage in Albania

Amount (US$): 158200

Assistance Request > $25.000

File reference: 974

Request form ICH-04:English28 Mar 2013
Request form ICH-04 (annex) - Timetable and budget (xls):English: -PDF - XLS28 Mar 2013
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EN: Sebeiba ritual of the festivities of Ashura of the oasis of Djanet

FR: La Sebeiba, rituel des festivités de l’Achoura de l’oasis de Djanet

Representative List

File reference: 665

Nomination form ICH-02:French12 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Arabic/French24 Feb 2014
ICH inventory:French31 Mar 2011
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Sebeiba de Djanet’ (10:07):French12 Feb 2014
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EN: Coffeehouse culture in Buenos Aires neighbourhoods: rituals, practices and social relations

FR: La culture de café-bar dans les quartiers de Buenos Aires : rituels, pratiques et relations sociales

Representative List

File reference: 957

Nomination form ICH-02:French26 Mar 2013
Consent of communities:Spanish/French26 Mar 2013
Consent of communities - Film:soon available15 Apr 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:snapshot (Spanish) - Inventory (Spanish) - Element (Spanish) - Element (Spanish)18 Apr 2014
ICH inventory:Spanish/English15 Apr 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Culture de Café-Bar dans les quartiers de Buenos-Aires’ (04:57):French26 Mar 2013
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EN: Lavash, the preparation, meaning and appearance of traditional Armenian bread as an expression of culture

FR: Le lavash : préparation, signification et aspect du pain arménien traditionnel en tant qu’expression culturelle

Representative List

File reference: 985

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French 6 Jan 2014
Consent of communities:Armenian/English 3 Apr 2013
ICH inventory:Armenian 3 Apr 2013
ICH inventory - online resources:snapshot - Inventory11 Nov 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Lavash: Armenian traditional bread’ (09:45):English 5 Apr 2013
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EN: Traditional art and symbolism of Kelaghayi, making and wearing women's silk headscarves

Representative List

File reference: 669

Nomination form ICH-02:English20 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Azerbaijani/English20 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:Snapshot - Inventory25 Apr 2013
ICH inventory:Azerbaijani/English19 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Kelaghayi Art’ (09:02):Azerbaijani (subtitled in English)19 Feb 2014
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EN: Traditional art of Nakshi Kantha embroidery

FR: L’art traditionnel de la broderie Nakshi Kantha

Representative List

File reference: 972

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French 5 Nov 2013
Consent of communities:English/Bengali25 Oct 2013
ICH inventory:English 6 Nov 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘The Kantha Tradition’ (10:54):English29 Mar 2013
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EN: Safeguarding the carillon culture: preservation, transmission, exchange and awareness-raising

FR: La sauvegarde de la culture du carillon : préservation, transmission, échange et sensibilisation

Register of best safeguarding practices

File reference: 1017

Nomination form ICH-03:English|French17 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:English/French/Dutch17 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Safeguarding the carillon culture: preservation, transmission, exchange and awareness-raising’ (09:39):English 5 Sep 2013
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Bolivia (Plurinational State of)

EN: Pujillay and Ayarichi, music and dances of the Yampara culture

FR: Pujillay et Ayarichi : musiques et danses de la culture yampara

Representative List

File reference: 630

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French13 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Spanish/French27 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:Copie d'écran - element29 Apr 2013
ICH inventory:Spanish/French13 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘ Pujllay and Ayarichi: Music and Dances of the Yampara Culture’ (10:00):English|French31 Mar 2011
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Bosnia and Herzegovina

EN: Zmijanje embroidery

Representative List

File reference: 990

Nomination form ICH-02:English26 Mar 2014
Consent of communities:Serbian/English26 Mar 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:Snapshot - Inventory - Inventory (museum site)30 Apr 2013
ICH inventory:Serbian/English 2 Apr 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Zmijanjski vez’ (09:55):Serbian (subtitles in English) 2 Apr 2013
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EN: Capoeira circle

Representative List

File reference: 892

Nomination form ICH-02 - .doc:English 2 Apr 2012
Consent of communities:Portuguese/English10 Apr 2012
ICH inventory - Online resources:Element - snapshot - Inventory24 Jul 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘'Capoeira Cultural heritage of Brazil'’ (09:49):Portuguese (subtitled in English)10 Apr 2012
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EN: Chiprovski kilimi (Chiprovtsi carpets)

FR: Tchiprovski kilimi (tapis de Tchiprovtsi)

Representative List

File reference: 965

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French29 Mar 2013
Consent of communities:English/Bulgarian29 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:Inventory - snapshot (Bulgarian/English)17 Jul 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Chiprovci carpet's manufacturing’ (09:54):Bulgarian (subtitled in English) 3 Feb 2014
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EN: Ritual dance of the royal drum

FR: La danse rituelle au tambour royal

Representative List

File reference: 989

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French 4 Nov 2013
Consent of communities - consolidated version:Kirundi/French 5 Nov 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:snapshot - 13 Jan 2014
ICH inventory:Kirundi20 Nov 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘La danse rituelle au tambour royal’ (09:40):French 2 Apr 2013
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EN: Kun Lbokkator

FR: Le kun lbokkator

Urgent Safeguarding List

File reference: 980

Nomination form ICH-01:English|French 3 Apr 2013
Consent of communities:Khmer/French 7 Nov 2013
ICH inventory:Cambodian/French 3 Apr 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Le Kun Lbokkator du Cambodge’ (09:08):Cambodian (subtitles in French) 3 Apr 2013
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EN: Baile Chino

FR: Le « baile chino »

Representative List

File reference: 988

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French 5 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Spanish/English 2 Apr 2013
ICH inventory:Spanish/English 2 Apr 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Bailes Chinos de Chile’ (10:00):Spanish (English subtitles) 2 Apr 2013
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EN: Torch festival of the Yi people

FR: Le Festival des torches de l’ethnie yi

Representative List

File reference: 654

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French16 Dec 2013
Consent of communities:English/Nuosu/Luoluo30 Mar 2011
Consent of communities - Film:Nuosu/Luoluo (subtitled in English)30 Mar 2011
ICH inventory - Online resources:snapshot - Inventory26 Jun 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘The Torch Festival of the Yi People’ (09:54):English30 Mar 2011
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EN: Traditional handwheel pottery-making in Potravlje and Veli Iž

FR: L’art traditionnel de la poterie au tour à Potravlje et Veli Iž

Urgent Safeguarding List

File reference: 964

Nomination form ICH-01:English|French30 Jan 2014
Consent of communities:Croatian/English29 Mar 2013
ICH inventory:Croatian16 Oct 2013
ICH inventory - snapshot:Inventory|Croatian 7 Nov 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Traditional pottery-making in Potravlje and Veli Iž’ (08:52):English28 Mar 2013
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Croatia - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - Serbia - Romania - Republic of Moldova - Turkey

EN: Spring celebration: Hıdrellez or Saint George’s day

FR: La fête du printemps : les festivités d’Hıdrellez ou de la Saint-Georges

Representative List

File reference: 1006

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French25 Oct 2013
Consent of communities - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia:Macedonian/English28 Mar 2013
Consent of communities - Romania:Romanian/English/French28 Mar 2013
Consent of communities - Republic of Moldova:Romanian/English28 Mar 2013
Consent of communities - Turkey:Turkish/English28 Mar 2013
Consent of communities - Croatia:Croatian/English30 Oct 2013
Consent of communities - Serbia:Serbian/English28 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Republic of Moldova:Romanian/English28 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Romania:Romanian/French28 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources (Serbia):Copie d'écran - Inventory17 May 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources (Republic of Moldova):Copie d'écran - Inventory17 May 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources (Turkey):Copie d'écran - Inventory17 May 2013
ICH inventory - Croatia:Croatian 8 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia:Macedonian28 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Turkey:Turkish/English28 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Serbia:English/Serbian 4 Nov 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Spring Celebration: Hıdrellez / Saint George’s Day’ (10:03):English 4 Nov 2013
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Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

EN: Arirang folk song

Representative List

File reference: 914

Nomination form ICH-02:English 4 Nov 2013
Consent of communities:Korean/English 4 Nov 2013
ICH inventory:Korean/English 4 Nov 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘The Representative ICH of the DPRK, Folk Song Arirang’ (09:00):Korean (subtitles in English) 4 Nov 2013
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EN: Tahtib, stick game

FR: Le tahtib, jeu du bâton

Representative List

File reference: 992

Nomination form ICH-02:English10 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Arabic/English10 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Film:Arabic (subtitled in English)10 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:Copie d'écran - Inventory20 Jun 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Tahtib, le jeu du bâton’ (08:30):French10 Feb 2014
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EN: Smoke sauna tradition in Võromaa

FR: La tradition du sauna à fumée dans le comté de Võru

Representative List

File reference: 951

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French21 Mar 2013
Consent of communities:Voro/English21 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:snapshot - inventory - element22 May 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Smoke-sauna-Estonia. ’ (09:35):English21 Mar 2013
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EN: Ashura festival

FR: La fête de l’Achoura

Urgent Safeguarding List

File reference: 953

Nomination form ICH-01:English|French18 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:English/Amharic12 Feb 2014
ICH inventory:English/Amharic26 Sep 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Ashura Festival among the Harari’ (09:46):English (subtitled in Harari)22 Mar 2013
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EN: Gwoka: music, song, dance and cultural practice representative of Guadeloupean identity

FR: Le gwoka : musique, chants, danses et pratique culturelle représentatifs de l’identité guadeloupéenne

Representative List

File reference: 991

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French19 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:French 2 Apr 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:French|Inventory - List 5 Jun 2013
ICH inventory:French 2 Apr 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Gwoka’ (10:30):French28 Jun 2013
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EN: Know-how of cultivating mastic on the island of Chios

FR: Le savoir-faire de la culture du mastiha à l’île de Chios

Representative List

File reference: 993

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French27 Mar 2013
Consent of communities:Greek/French27 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:Inventory - Element19 Jul 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Le savoir-faire de la culture du Mastiha à l'île de Chios’ (10:17):French28 Mar 2014
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EN: Tolupanes oral traditions of Montaña la Flor

Urgent Safeguarding List

File reference: 950

Nomination form ICH-01:English18 Mar 2013
Consent of communities:Spanish/English18 Mar 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
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EN: A Hungarian method of education for music and humanity: the Kodály concept

FR: Une méthode hongroise d’éducation musicale et humaniste : le concept de Kodály

Register of best safeguarding practices

File reference: 962

Nomination form ICH-03:English|French28 Mar 2013
Consent of communities:English/Hungarian30 Jan 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘The Kodály Concept. A Hungarian Method of Education for Music and Humanity’ (08:11):English 2 Apr 2013
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EN: Traditional brass and copper craft of utensil making among the Thatheras of Jandiala Guru, Punjab, India

FR: La fabrication artisanale traditionnelle d’ustensiles en laiton et en cuivre des Thatheras de Jandiala Guru, Penjab, Inde

Representative List

File reference: 845

Note: Referred

Nomination form ICH-02:English16 Jan 2012
Consent of communities:English 1 Sep 2009
ICH inventory - Online resources:snapshot - Inventory - element18 Nov 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Traditional Craft of the Thatheras of Jandiala Guru, Punjab’ (10:29):English31 Aug 2009
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EN: Creation of a cultural space for safeguarding, development and education in intangible cultural heritage at Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park

FR: Création d’un espace culturel pour la sauvegarde, le développement et l’éducation au patrimoine culturel immatériel au Jardin de la belle Indonésie en miniature

Register of best safeguarding practices

File reference: 621

Nomination form ICH-03:English|French 4 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Indonesian/English 5 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Creation of a cultural space for safeguarding, development and education in cultural heritage at Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park’ (10:00):English 5 Feb 2014
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Iran (Islamic Republic of)

EN: Rituals of rain seeking

Representative List

File reference: 586

Nomination form ICH-02:English10 Sep 2010
Consent of communities:English/Persian10 Sep 2010
ICH inventory:English/Persian10 Sep 2010
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘’ (00:00):soon available10 Sep 2010
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EN: Traditional agricultural practice of cultivating the ‘vite ad alberello’ (head-trained bush vines) of the community of Pantelleria

FR: La pratique agricole traditionnelle de la culture de la « vite ad alberello » (taille de la vigne en gobelet) de la communauté de Pantelleria

Representative List

File reference: 720

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French25 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Branches of vine reflecting the community consent:English25 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Italian/English25 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:Inventory - snapshot - Inventory27 Feb 2014
ICH inventory:Italian/English25 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘The alberello of Pantelleria’ (08:39):English17 Oct 2013
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EN: Washi, craftsmanship of traditional Japanese hand-made paper

FR: Le washi, savoir-faire du papier artisanal traditionnel japonais

Representative List

File reference: 1001

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French13 Nov 2013
Consent of communities:Japanese/English13 Dec 2013
ICH inventory:English28 Mar 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Washi: Craftsmanship of Traditional Japanese Handmade Paper’ (00:00):English28 Mar 2013
Submission of the file - extension of file 'Sekishu-Banshi, papermaking in the Iwami region of Shimane Prefecture' (00267, inscribed in 2009):English28 Mar 2013
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EN: Kazakh traditional art of dombra kuy

FR: L’art traditionnel kazakh du dombra kuï

Representative List

File reference: 996

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French 6 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Kazakh/English 3 Apr 2013
ICH inventory:English 3 Apr 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:Online resources - Inventory - Inventory10 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Traditional art of Kuy’ (09:21):Kazakh (subtitles in English) 8 Apr 2013
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Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan

EN: Traditional knowledge and skill of yurt making

Representative List

File reference: 998

Nomination form ICH-02:English 3 Apr 2013
Consent of communities - Kazakhstan:Kazakh/English 2 Apr 2013
Consent of communities - Kyrgyzstan:Kyrgyz/English/French 2 Apr 2013
Consent of communities - Kazakhstan:Kazakh/English 3 Apr 2014
ICH inventory - Kazakhstan:English 3 Apr 2013
ICH inventory - Kyrgyzstan:English 2 Apr 2013
ICH inventory - Kazakhstan:English/Kazakh 3 Apr 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘The Kazakh yurt’ (10:02):English (subtitles in Kazakh) 8 Apr 2013
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EN: Isukuti dance of Isukha and Idakho communities of Western Kenya

FR: La danse Isukuti des communautés Isukha et Idakho de l’ouest du Kenya

Urgent Safeguarding List

File reference: 981

Nomination form ICH-01:English24 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - Film:English 3 Apr 2013
Consent of communities:English/Kiswahili 3 Apr 2013
ICH inventory:English 3 Apr 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Isukuti Dance’ (09:47):English 3 Apr 2013
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EN: Al-Zajal, recited or sung poetry

FR: Al-Zajal, poésie déclamée ou chantée

Representative List

File reference: 1000

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French13 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:French/Arabic29 Mar 2013
ICH inventory:français/arabe 4 Nov 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Zajal’ (09:31):Arabic (subtitled in French) 2 Apr 2013
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EN: Tchopa, sacrifical dance of the Lhomwe people of southern Malawi

FR: La tchopa, danse sacrificielle des Lomwe du sud du Malawi

Representative List

File reference: 999

Nomination form ICH-02:English27 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Lhomwe/English27 Feb 2014
ICH inventory:English27 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Tchopa, the sacrificial dance of the Lhomwe people of southern Malawi’ (08:52):English27 Feb 2014
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EN: Coming forth of the masks and puppets in Markala

FR: La sortie des masques et marionnettes de Markala

Representative List

File reference: 1004

Nomination form ICH-02:French27 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:French 3 Apr 2013
ICH inventory:French27 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘La danse des masques et marionnettes de Markala’ (00:00):French 3 Apr 2013
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EN: Traditional Mauritian Sega

FR: Le séga mauricien traditionnel

Representative List

File reference: 1003

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French24 Feb 2014
Consent of communities - filmed:English25 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:English/Creole25 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - online resources:snapshot - Inventory17 Oct 2013
ICH inventory:English25 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Sega Tipik’ (09:47):English|Creole29 Mar 2013
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EN: Xcaret, a model of conservation and dissemination of the natural and cultural heritage of Quintana Roo and Mexico

FR: Xcaret, modèle de conservation et diffusion du patrimoine naturel et culturel de l’État de Quintana Roo et du Mexique

Register of best safeguarding practices

File reference: 886

Nomination form ICH-03:English24 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Spanish/English/French24 Feb 2014
Willingness to disseminate:Spanish/English/French24 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Xcaret, a model of preservation and diffusion of Quintana Roo's and Mexico's natural and cultural heritage’ (10:00):English|French| Spanish24 Feb 2014
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EN: Mongolian knuckle-bone shooting

Representative List

File reference: 959

Nomination form ICH-02:English14 Nov 2013
Consent of communities:English/Mongolian22 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:Inventory - snapshot webpage28 May 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Mongolian knuckle-bone shooting’ (10:03):English14 Nov 2013
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EN: Practices and know-how concerning the argan tree

FR: Les pratiques et savoir-faire liés à l’arganier

Representative List

File reference: 955

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French11 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:French/Arabic26 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:snapshot - Inventory - Element27 May 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Tawuri Wargan’ (09:33):French26 Mar 2013
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EN: Practices and expressions of joking relationships in Niger

FR: Pratiques et expressions de la parenté à plaisanterie au Niger

Representative List

File reference: 1009

Nomination form ICH-02:French26 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:French/Fula/Hausa10 Mar 2014
ICH inventory:French10 Apr 2012
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘La Parenté à Plaisanterie’ (09:50):French 4 Jun 2012
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EN: Ékpè (leopard) initiation society

Representative List

File reference: 685

Nomination form ICH-02:English13 Mar 2014
Consent of communities:English26 Mar 2014
ICH inventory:English26 Mar 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Ekpe initiation society’ (08:07):soon available26 Mar 2014
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Oman - United Arab Emirates

EN: Al-Ayyala, a traditional performing art of the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates

Representative List

File reference: 1012

Nomination form ICH-02:English25 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:English/Arabic26 Mar 2013
ICH inventory:English/Arabic29 Mar 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Al Ayyala a traditional performing art’ (09:59):English29 Mar 2013
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EN: Promotion and preservation of Patiala Gharana, one of the ten gharanas (schools of thought) of classical music in Pakistan

Urgent Safeguarding List

File reference: 1023

Nomination form ICH-01:English14 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Urdu/English14 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:snapshot - Inventory - Inventory19 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Revival of classical music’ (09:52):English22 Apr 2013
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EN: Festivity of Virgen de la Candelaria of Puno

FR: La fête de la Vierge de la Chandeleur de Puno

Representative List

File reference: 956

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French26 Mar 2013
Consent of communities:Spanish/English26 Mar 2013
ICH inventory:English/Spanish26 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - online resources:snapshot - Inventory - Element31 May 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Festivity of the Virgen de la Candelaria of Puna’ (10:01):Spanish (English subtitles)26 Mar 2013
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EN: Cante Alentejano, polyphonic singing from Alentejo, southern Portugal

FR: Le cante alentejano, chant polyphonique de l’Alentejo (sud du Portugal)

Representative List

File reference: 1007

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French31 Jan 2014
Consent of communities:Portuguese/English31 Jan 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:copie d'écran - inventory - element 3 Jun 2013
ICH inventory:Portuguese26 Mar 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Cante Alentejano’ (10:19):English26 Mar 2013
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Republic of Korea

EN: Nongak, community band music, dance and rituals in the Republic of Korea

Representative List

File reference: 717

Nomination form ICH-02:English20 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Korean/English20 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:Korean/English - Inventory (Korean) - Inventory (English) - Element (Korean) - Element (English) 
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Nongak’ (09:37):English in preparation24 Mar 2014
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EN: Processions to the monastery of Moisei for the Dormition of the Virgin Mary

FR: Les processions au monastère de Moisei à l’occasion de la fête de sainte Marie la Grande

Representative List

File reference: 866

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French 7 Jan 2014
Consent of communities:Romanian/French 6 Jan 2014
ICH inventory:Romanian/French28 Mar 2012
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Sacred processions to Moisei monastory during the festival of "Sainte Marie la Grande"’ (09:37):French28 Mar 2012
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Saudi Arabia

EN: Alardhah Alnajdiyah, Saudi Arabia dance, drumming and poetry

FR: L’Alardhah Alnajdiyah, danse, tambourinage et poème d’Arabie saoudite

Representative List

File reference: 1013

Nomination form ICH-02:English 5 Mar 2014
Consent of communities:English/Arabic11 Feb 2014
ICH inventory:English/Arabic11 Feb 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Alaradhah AInajdiyah’ (08:49):Arabic (subtitled in English)11 Feb 2014
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EN: Slava, celebration of family saint patron’s day

FR: La Slava, célébration de la fête du saint patron de la famille

Representative List

File reference: 1010

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French27 Mar 2013
Consent of communities:English/Serbe29 Mar 2013
ICH inventory:English/Serbian29 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:Copie d'écran - Inventory31 May 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Slava - Celebration of Family Saint Patron's Day’ (08:17):Serbian (subtitled in English)29 Mar 2013
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EN: Radvaň fair

FR: La foire de Radvaň

Representative List

File reference: 1015

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French 6 Nov 2013
Consent of communities:English/Slovak 2 Apr 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:inventory - Inventory 3 Jun 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘The Radvaň fair’ (06:25):musical sound track 2 Apr 2013
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EN: Skofja Loka passion play

FR: La Passion de Škofja Loka

Representative List

File reference: 1014

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French28 Mar 2013
Consent of communities:Slovenian/English28 Mar 2013
ICH inventory:Slovene/English28 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - online ressources:snapshot - Inventory - element 9 Jul 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘The Škofja Loka Passion Play’ (07:26):English28 Mar 2013
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EN: Tamboradas drum-playing rituals

FR: Les tamboradas, rituels de battements de tambour

Representative List

File reference: 704

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French11 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Spanish/French/English11 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:snapshots - inventory Andalusia - inventory Aragon - Element1 Valencia - Element 2 Valencia - inventory Valencia - Element Castilla-La Mancha - Element Murcia28 May 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Tamboradas, Drum-playing rituals’ (09:52):English|French| Spanish|Valencian29 Mar 2011
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EN: Documentation and inventory of intangible cultural heritage in the Republic of Sudan

Amount (US$): 174480

Assistance Request > $25.000

File reference: 978

Request form ICH-04:English17 Mar 2014
Timetable:English10 Dec 2013
Budget:English17 Mar 2014
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The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

EN: Kopachkata, a social dance from the village of Dramche, Pijanec

Representative List

File reference: 995

Nomination form ICH-02:English 3 Apr 2013
Consent of communities:Macedonian/English 1 Apr 2011
ICH inventory:English 5 Apr 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Nomination of the Kopachkata Male social dance of village Dramche, Pijanec’ (09:00):English 1 Apr 2011
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EN: Ebru, Turkish art of marbling

FR: Ebru, l’art turc du papier marbré

Representative List

File reference: 644

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French26 Mar 2013
Consent of communities:Turkish/English 3 Feb 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:Copie d'écran - Inventory - Element21 Jun 2013
ICH inventory:Turkish28 Mar 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Ebru: Turkish art of marbling’ (08:26):Turkish (subtitled in English)28 Mar 2013
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EN: Male-child cleansing ceremony of the Lango of central northern Uganda

Urgent Safeguarding List

File reference: 982

Nomination form ICH-01:English 9 Apr 2014
Consent of communities:English 3 Apr 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:snapshot - Inventory - Element (under Dokolo Inventory)30 Oct 2013
ICH inventory:English12 Apr 2013
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘The Lango male child cleansing ceremony’ (09:44):English12 Mar 2014
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EN: Askiya, the art of wit

FR: L’askiya, l’art de la plaisanterie

Representative List

File reference: 971

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French26 Feb 2014
Consent of communities:Uzbek/English 6 Mar 2014
ICH inventory:Uzbek/English29 Mar 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:snapshot - Inventory 5 Mar 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Askiya’ (10:28):Uzbek (subtitled in English)26 Feb 2014
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Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

EN: Mapoyo oral tradition and its symbolic reference points within their ancestral territory

FR: La tradition orale Mapoyo et ses points de référence symboliques dans leur territoir ancestral

Urgent Safeguarding List

File reference: 983

Nomination form ICH-01:English|French16 Apr 2014
Consent of communities:Spanish/English 2 Apr 2013
ICH inventory:Spanish/English 2 Apr 2013
ICH inventory - Online resources:snapshot (Spanish) - Inventory (Spanish) - Element (spanish)17 Apr 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Mapoyo Cultural Memory Traditional practices and symbolic space’ (10:59):Spanish (subtitled in English) 2 Apr 2013
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Viet Nam

EN: Ví and Giặm folk songs of Nghệ Tĩnh

FR: Les chants populaires ví et giặm de Nghệ Tĩnh

Representative List

File reference: 1008

Nomination form ICH-02:English|French27 Jan 2014
Consent of communities:Vietnamese/English27 Jan 2014
ICH inventory - Online resources:Inventory - snapshot 7 Jun 2013
ICH inventory:English|Vietnamese27 Jan 2014
Mandatory photographs:Slideshow
Film ‘Ví and Giặm Folk Songs of Nghệ Tĩnh’ (09:54):English|French| Vietnamese 3 Apr 2013