"Each part of the world recapitulates, shares in and experiences the history of the world as a whole"
Fernand Braudel

Panel with the god Shamash

2nd century AD
34 cm x 28 cm

This sculpted stone was found in a Palmyrean temple located at a distance of 58 km to the north-west of Palmyra. It represents the two pagan deities Al-Lat, Shamash, while the third figure is a worshipper. The goddess Al-Lat is represented in her war dress carrying a spear and a shield, a helmet on her head, and the head of Medusa is on her chest. In the middle, we find the god of sun Shamash carrying a torch in his left hand and raising his right hand in blessing, while his head is surrounded with a halo. The third character is the vower who holds his gown with his left hand while he places incense in the burner with his right hand.

From this panel, we notice the clear impact of the Roman style especially the draping gowns. Also, the goddess Al-Lat, who is the feminine counterpart of the god El of the ancient Arabs, is similar to the goddess Athena of the Greek tradition, as both are Goddesses of triumph.

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