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Fernand Braudel

Ceramic bowl

9th century AD
Al-Basra (present day Iraq)

This elegant ceramic dish belongs to the early Islamic period. It shows the earliest example of Chinese influence on the ceramic industry of the Muslim craftsmen. It seems also that the producer may not have been a fluent Arabic speaker since the text contains an error.

The object is a ceramic bowl with a smooth egg-shell surface. Four areas of flowing green color drip from rim toward the center. Three short lines of Kufic script appear in the center: ('Amal ma/ Muhammad/Kul Haniyyan). Written correctly, the first two words ought to be switched: (mma'Amal / Muhammad/Kul Haniyyan). It means to say: “Made by/ Muhammad/ Eat happily.”

This object belongs to the early Abbasid age. This kind of fine ceramic was made in al-Basra (present day Iraq).

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