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Fernand Braudel

Lapis lazuli piece

3rd millennium BC
5.3 cm x 3.5 cm

This item is a raw lapis lazuli piece. Excavators have uncovered extensive raw lapis lazuli pieces in Ebla excavation site. Each piece weighs approximately 500 g. It is possible that these undesigned pieces were kept in storage for future use for jewelry producers and/or traders in raw material.

Lapis lazuli was used in producing the jewels and trinkets and was also inlaid in the eyes of sacred statues.

The cuneiform texts of Ebla are the first to inform us about the commercial exchanges surrounding this raw material. The original sources of lapis lazuli are Central Asia and Afghanistan. Mining for lapis lazuli is ancient, as the road of lapis lazuli trade is considered the oldest road in the processes of the external import. Thus the lapis lazuli road precedes the well known Silk Road.

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