"Each part of the world recapitulates, shares in and experiences the history of the world as a whole"
Fernand Braudel

Phoenician Coin

The face of this Phoenician coin shows a representation of a naval ship on zigzag waves. A person stands at the helm and directs the steering rudder. This figure may be a representation of the may be the god Melqarat. Along the top of the coin, there are three bands of signs for the minting, in Phoenician, which reads: "Ez Ba'al" (King of Saida).

The other side of the coin represents a bearded Persian king wearing the long Persian gown and standing on a chariot driven by a stableman and three horses. The king is raising his right hand to do a blessing, while standing behind him is a servant. Along the top, again, there are two Phoenician letters indicating to the name of king of Saida (Ez Ba'al). Phoenician sovereignty over land and sea are therefore implied by this coin.

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