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Trainee journalists at a seminar in Harare

© UNESCO / Maggie Mzumara
Trainee journalists at a seminar in Harare

The Communication and Information (CI) programme in the UNESCO office in Harare aims to promote the free flow of ideas and information by word and image; strengthening the capacities in communication and information and empowering communities through access to information in the cluster countries.  For the 2010 - 2011 Biennium the CI sector in the UNESCO office in Harare will focus on the following:

  • Media pluralism and Diversity;
  • Strengthening editorial independence in both public and private media;
  • Decentralisation of the media with particular emphasis on community media;
  • Media literacy; and
  • Capacity development in specialised forms of reporting  e.g. on human rights, economic and climate change, among others.

The  CI Sector in the UNESCO office in Harare also supports Regional countries through the International Development of Communication (IPDC) programme. The IPDC programme is a major forum in the UN system designed to develop free, pluralistic media with a global approach to democratic development.

How to submit a project proposal to IPDC.


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