Visibility Reports on the Use of UNESCO Public Information Products


The Visibility Report on the Use of UNESCO Public Information Products is designed to measure the use and, as much as possible, the impact of UNESCO’s Information Products and Services.

The indicators and measures provided in this Report are intended to monitor and measure where possible UNESCO’s visibility in the media and amongst the general public.

The Report, first implemented in October 2010, is produced by ERI’s Division of Public Information, in collaboration with the Sectors/Offices concerned. Published on a monthly basis until March 2018, this report is since then published quarterly and covers 3 months.

It currently provides essential indicators and measures concerning:

  • our Websites
  • the Media
  • our Social Media, and
  • our on-line Documents and Publications.

In addition, each quarterly report includes statistics on a special topic.

Monthly Visibility Reports (October 2010 – March 2018)