12.06.2013 - International Association of Art

Get Together 2013, International Association of Art

Congress organized by the National College of Art & Design, Dublin, Ireland, on 28 June 2013

Visual Artists of Ireland is pleased to announce that the ‘Get Together’ 2013 will take place on Friday June 28th. This day long event comprises four strands that run simultaneously:

  • Short Briefings: Quick informative sessions on a variety of topics relating to the visual arts;
  • Art writing: Publicize, Interrogate, Record in partnership with AICA Ireland;
  • Acadomia: Current trends in visual art academia both in Ireland and in Europe
  • Cultural Corridors: The role of the artist in civic life. The emphasis will be on shaping discussions with the artists whose collaborations and artistic process inspire them to engage in social, environmental, and political arenas;
  • Speed Curating: this event will take place after the talks between artists and curators.

Contact: Noel Kelly (noel@visualartists.ie)

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