28.09.2014 - UNESCO Office in Doha

UNESCO Doha collaborates with Qatar University for AL-Bairaq project

©QatarUniversity©Students participating in Al-Bairaq along with Qatar University and UNESCO representative

UNESCO Doha is collaborating with Qatar University to launch the AL-Bairaq project, an outreach Program which encourages high school students to discover and practice research methodologies and innovative scientific experiments with the Qatar University Center for Advanced Materials (CAM). The initiative is part of UNESCO Doha's efforts to unlock the potential of young people in Qatar to engage in activities related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Since its launch in 2012, Al Bairaq targets K-12 education and reflects the commitment of Qatar University and UNESCO to promote the role of young citizens in knowledge-based economies, research and innovation. As such, the project acts as a bridge between secondary school and university level education. 

Al-Bairaq provides none-traditional classroom education, where students are free to experiment their own ideas and gain first-hand experience in technical and scientific-based professions using innovative tools such as social media to to communicate their research ideas and share their projects outcomes in an innovative manner. 

The objective of Al-Bairaq is to promote a culture of scientific research among the young Qatari generation and empower youth in Qatar to play an important role Qatar' scientific future. 

Al-Bairaq is divided into several education tracks including: 

  • "I am a researcher": It offers grade 12 high school students opportunities to conduct research under the guidance of QU faculty members, and in areas related to their research interest in areas such as: polymers studies to corrosion analysis, health science and natural sciences. 
  • I am discovering materials": specifically designed for grade 10 and 11 students who  learn new techniques, and problem-solving strategies related to STEM to  submit an innovative product or invention.
  • “Solving Problems”: helps grade 10 students to learn how to solve a problem by creating a simulation of the problem and allowing them the freedom to solve it
  • “Science in Sport”: combines science, math, technology, and engineering in one project-related to sport for grade 11 students. 

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