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  • The Headquarters Committee was established in 1949 by the General Conference during the 4th session (resolution 4C/29.1). Since then, the General Conference has renewed its mandate each biennium in accordance with the request of the Director General. During the 29th session in 1997 (resolution 29C/87), the General Conference decided to include the Headquarters Committee among its committees figured in Chapter VII of its internal Rules of Procedure. The Headquarters Committee is governed by items 39 and 40 of the Rules of Procedure which was amended by the resolution 31C/65 adopted by the General Conference during its 31st session (2001).

The resolution stipulates that the Headquarters Committee shall consist of twenty-four members elected for four years, half of whom shall be replaced at each session of the General Conference on the recommendation of the Nominations Committee. The geographical distribution of seats shall reflect that of the Executive Board. The Committee shall elect a Bureau consisting of a Chairperson, two Vice-Chairpersons, a Rapporteur and two members, with a view to having each geographical group represented.

The HQ Committee website publishes information on the Headquarters Committee structure, and working documents, and is directly addressed to Member States, namely to Permanent Delegations and National Commissions, for which a log-in and a password are requested.

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