10.06.2013 - UNESCO Office in New Delhi

Building the institutional capacity of the Bhutan Media and Communications Institute

As part of an IPDC-funded project for Bhutan, a series of four capacity-building workshops for media professionals will be conducted by the Bhutan Media and Communications Institute (BMCI) in 2013.The BMCI has been operating as a media training institute since early 2012.

The IPDC project will build the institutional capacity of the BMI by training its media trainers and upgrading its equipment and resources. The project will also contribute to media development in Bhutan by conducting separate training workshops for managers of media houses, journalists and photojournalists.

The BMCI’s first workshop will strengthen the knowledge base and enhance the teaching skills of 10 media trainers, and will have a multiplier effect on the skill development of personnel working in Bhutan’s media industry. The second workshop will train 12 journalists to report more comprehensively and accurately on the need for good governance. The project’s third workshop will seek to strengthen the administrative and managerial skills of 15 managers from various Bhutanese media organizations. The final workshop will develop the skills and professional capacity of 12 photojournalists. 


For further information contact:

Ms. Iskra Panevska

Advisor for Communication and Information for South Asia

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