Fostering Freedom of Expression and Press Freedom, plus safety of journalists

As the UN agency with a specific mandate to foster freedom of expression, and its corollaries, press freedom and freedom of information, UNESCO sees these rights as crucial foundations of democracy, development and dialogue, and as preconditions for protecting and promoting all other human rights.

This foundation is why UNESCO promotes policies for press freedom and the safety of journalists, and why the Organization supports independent journalism based on professional ethics and self-regulatory principles.

Furthermore, UNESCO facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogue and mobilizes advisory services toward legal and regulatory environments conducive to freedom of expression. These actions seek to develop, in accordance with international standards, press laws, freedom of information legislation and a framework enabling freedom of expression on the Internet.

In all this, UNESCO follows a gender-sensitive approach, and pays special attention to countries undergoing conflict, post-conflict, and transition situations

UNESCO Office in New York serves as a platform for the support and promotion of UNESCO’s principles, values and activities in the field of freedom of expression, press freedom and protection of journalists.

 For more information contact: Ricardo de Guimarães Pinto, Liaison Officer (+1 212 963 4383 |  

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