Ratification of the Convention against Discrimination in Education

Last update: 10 June 2022

Each new ratification of the Convention against Discrimination in Education is a step towards universal ratification. Higher global rates of ratification create a community of States Parties sharing the same norms and standards.

The Convention is particularly relevant to overcoming barriers to the right to education. The world was already not on track to achieve international commitments to education prior to COVID-19 and the pandemic has exacerbated disparities, with vulnerable students, usually more at risk of being discriminated against, at higher risk of being left behind.

It is time to effectively put a stop to all kinds of discrimination and ensure equality of opportunity in education in law and in fact – has your country ratified the Convention?

What is ratification?

This Convention, which expresses the fundamental principles of non-discrimination and equality of educational opportunities, covers the right to education comprehensively and is recognized by UNESCO as a cornerstone of the Education 2030 Agenda.


  • Shows adherence to the rights set forth by the Convention, including the fundamental principles of non-discrimination, equality of treatment and of educational opportunities
  • Allows for the strengthening of international norms and standards in education
  • Means that the Convention is fully applicable in all State Parties as this instrument does not admit any reservation (ratifying states cannot decide to exclude certain aspects or provisions from the legal effect of the Convention).
  • Increases the community of states that are already party to the Convention and adopt the same normative framework
  • Gives higher visibility to the Convention and raises awareness
Ratification of convention against discrimination in education-graph

How to ratify the Convention?

UNESCO’s Office of International Standards and Legal Affairs prepared a model instrument of ratification, which was adapted for the Convention against Discrimination in Education.