Call for services on the monitoring of water (quantity and quality) in the wells at the selected locations in Albania, 570RER2000, ALB 01

Within the overall scope of the project 570RER2000, “Design and testing of a multi-purpose transboundary groundwater monitoring network in the Extended Drin River Basin”, that aims at designing and testing a multi-purpose transboundary groundwater monitoring network in the Extended Drin River Basin (Albania and Montenegro) as well establishment of a systematic monitoring of groundwater resources state (quantity and quality) in the project focus area.
The UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe invites the skilled companies to submit their offers for the provision of services for Water quality Monitoring in Albania at a location to be identified in coordination with the Albanian Geological Survey and near the Belaj, Velipoje-Qerret and Samrishit existing wells (as per the information’s given in the Annexes 1 and 2).
The project is being implemented as a part of the overall Drin pilot project in Albania , related to groundwater monitoring in the transboundary aquifers located within the Skadar/Shkoder - Buna/Bojana area shared by Albania and Montenegro.

The following services are to be provided by potential applicants :

Task 1. Ensure monitoring and report on the water quality in a selected area

- Drill a new borehole, on an exact location that will be identified in coordination with the Albanian Geological Survey. The log of the well will need to be part of the report on the drilling process. Specifications on the well will be agreed with the Albanian Geological Survey and will follow the national standards and / or usual procedures. The monitoring will include the monitoring of the newly drilled well and collection of data from the monitoring station for a minimum of three (3) months , following signature of the contracts

- All data (e.g. numerical data, cartographic data, etc.), information (e.g. books, technical reports, papers, etc.) and in general all products produced through this project and through the work undertaken in the framework of this contract must be uploaded on to the UNESCO-IHP Water Information Network System (WINS, accessible on before the end of this contract. All aforementioned data, information, and products will remain hosted on the WINS platform beyond the duration of this contract and made freely and openly available, subject to the Open Access Policy of UNESCO. On an exceptional basis, and upon the written request of the Member State(s), information and/or data could be deposited in the WINS server, but not displayed for public use.

Important Note: the specifications for the monitoring station is attached, and the applicants are obliged to ensure use/installation of the specified equipment (Annex 3)

Task 2. Prepare and deliver training sessions of Governmental Officers who will be responsible of the monitoring station.

Task 3. Develop an operational manual in Albanian language.

Expected deliverables:

  • Deliverable 1 (related to task 1) Submit to UNESCO 3 months of data collection from the monitoring station location using specified equipment along with a report related to the drilling of the well. Submit a report in English not more than 50 pages with the interpretation of the results of the groundwater characteristics. Input the results in WINS
  • Deliverable 2 (related to Task 2) Organize and undertake training sessions for the responsible staff for the monitoring station installed. Submit a final list of people trained and mobilized during the training, disaggregated by gender, age groups in an excel table as well as photos.
  • Deliverable 3 (related to Task 3) Submit to UNESCO the operational manual of the monitoring well in Albanian language.

Important note: All activities are to be performed in close cooperation with the Albanian Geological Survey.

Obligatory requirements:

The potential bidders must be a legal entity registered in Albania with the valid national license, issued by the competent authority, for performing the above mentioned tasks. It must have at least 3 years of relevant experience and the given field of competences, and the skilled staff competent to perform given tasks

Bids must be submitted no later than 5 June 2020, by 12 noon, stating: 570RER2000, ALB 01, the monitoring of water (quantity and quality) in the wells at the three selected locations in Albania

Offers should be submitted to UNESCO by normal mail or by e-mail, at UNESCO Antenna in Sarajevo Zmaja od Bosne bb, 71,000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, UN House, or at the following e-mail address

For any further questions or clarifications, please contact us at the following e-mail address

The offers submitted after deadline set, are not going to be taken into consideration.