Gwangju uses media arts to create online arts exhibitions

Recognized as a cultural and artistic hub, the city of Gwangju (Republic of Korea) is also known for its creative and innovative approaches in the field of media arts. Designated as a UNESCO Creative City of Media in 2014, the city has engaged in numerous public projects that reflect the artistic value of media arts in everyday lives.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the city of Gwangju has further connected its contemporary art talents with cutting-edge technologies and turned most of its cultural exhibitions into digital forms for the enjoyment of everyone.

Thanks to its affiliation with several museums located in the city, the Gwangju Culture & Art Centre offers a diverse cultural programme that spans from ancient to modern era. Numerous artistic exhibitions and other cultural experiences are also shared through the Youtube channel and Naver TV (a Korean search engine).

To help its citizens better cope with the confinement measures, the city also offers, on a weekly basis, free dance and theatre performance videos. To top it up, the city also provides live broadcasting of performances when possible.

As a result of these initiatives, the city of Gwangju has managed to provide professional development space to its local creative talents and expand their horizons and visibility, whilst ensuring the continuity of the city’s cultural and artistic life for the benefits of all its residents.