“Malaga, don’t let your guard down”: how Malaga is promoting solidarity and sport amidst COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Malaga launched a unique initiative aimed at supporting the #StayAtHome movement and enhancing people’s solidarity, while promoting sporting activities at home during the lockdown.

Beyond being an active member of the UNESCO’s European Coalition of Cities Against Racism, Malaga is particularly known for its sporting activities - the City was awarded the title of European Capital of Sport 2020 by the ACES Europe association.

It is, therefore, not surprising that the City has joined the Coronactive online platform. Given that doing sport on a regular basis brings benefits for both physical and mental health, this platform has started to promote exercises during the lockdown to help people deal better with self-isolation and limited freedom of movement. Thanks to the participation of various European cities, the platform proposes challenges, guidelines and useful apps for indoor sport activities.

In this context, the City of Malaga is also taking part in the #BeActiveAtHome initiative under the slogan “Malaga, don’t let your guard down” - which is the result of the city’s fruitful collaboration with local sport celebrities. Through short videos, the athletes shared their home sport routines and invited people to stay safe, healthy and active during the COVID-19 lockdown. Furthermore, in order to leave no one behind, the athletes’ advice and guidelines on indoor sport activities took into account the needs of specific groups. For example, Sole López (Silver World Medallist, handball), Luis Hernández (football player), and Paula Lopez (Malaga genuine football team player) shared exercises for persons with disabilities.

The initiatives carried out by the City of Malaga and Coronactive platform, contribute to the dissemination of ICCAR’s messages of global solidarity and inclusion, which are crucial to tackling the current pandemic and its impacts - especially on the most vulnerable.

The Coronactive online platform was launched by Sport Drenthe in collaboration with the association of Sports and Municipalities, EPSI and ACES Europe, with support of UNESCO's International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (ICCAR).

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The City of Malaga is a member of the European Coalition of Cities Against Racism (ECCAR).

The European Coalition of Cities against Racism (ECCAR) is one of the seven regional coalitions of UNESCO's International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities – ICCAR. Launched in 2004, ICCAR is a city-level platform that undertakes a wide range of initiatives – from policymaking and capacity-building to awareness-raising. It advocates for global solidarity and collaboration to promote inclusive urban development free from all forms of discrimination.

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