Professional Development training for the Private Sector in Ocean Literacy

Human-induced marine ecological degradation involves the loss of ocean benefits to society. It is vital that awareness and activation to ensure marine sustainability be unlocked and production processes, management and business methods optimised. The Ocean Literacy Professional Development Training for Business Sector will be hosted by the UNESCO Regional Bureau of Science and Culture in Europe from 16-17December 2019 at its premises in Venice, Italy. Participants will gain an intimate understanding of how the ocean affects the success of their business and how those actions in turn affect the ocean.

The global estimated value of the blue economy is more than $USD 24 trillion (OECD, 2016), and by 2030, the blue economy will be outperforming the global economy as a whole. Within blue economy, ocean energy is the fastest growing blue economy. While embraced, the continued extraction and degradation of marine environments threaten the long-term financial viability of investments, funds and business models alike. 

The integration of ocean-related risks and opportunities into corporate strategies and risk management is contingent upon a strong understanding of the complex ocean processes and functions. An awareness of the most pressing ocean issues is essential. With two thirds of the economic value of the ocean relying on healthy ocean conditions (WWF, 2018), a sustainable business strategy is incomplete without Ocean Literacy.

Jointly organised by the UNESCO Regional Bureau of Science and Culture in Europe and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, ocean literacy will over 2 days be at the core of the professional development training to the private sector.

The aim of this event, organized thanks to the generous support of the Government of Sweden, is to empower private enterprises to become pioneers in the rapidly growing sectors of sustainable and blue economies by learning more than just the values of the ocean.

We must all do our part to act urgently to provide solutions to society’s major current challenges, responding to the climate change and biodiversity crisis and pollution. This event ambitions to empower the enterprises to develop their own blue business action plans, to build their Ocean Literacy network, and to gain invaluable contacts to make their business a blue champion in time for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).

Among the invited expert panelists are: Daniele Moretti (Editor in Chief Sky TG24), Mariasole Bianco (Founder and Chairperson, Worldrise Onlus), Giovanni Coppini (Director, Ocean Predictions and Applications Division of CMCC) and Nina Gardner (Director, Strategy International).

In attendance will be case studies: Marta Monaco (Financial and Corporate Communication Senior Manager, Prada Group) and Paolo Caminati (Group Finance Deputy Director, CSR Prada Group) and Alessandro Berton (President, Union Mare Confturismo Veneto).

The Ocean Literacy Professional Development training in Venice will give participants the knowledge, skills and tools to make today’s private sector ocean literate ready to integrate the attitudes and values needed for a sustainable future.