UNESCO and Umoya Sports launch Ability Spark

In these times of uncertainty, with school closures and restricted access to sports and other physical activities, children face a range of challenges. Ensuring continued access to play during these challenging times, can help boost their both physical and cognitive functioning.
To engage children in fun outcome-bases sports and physical education activities, UNESCO New Delhi and Umoya Sports are launching an inclusive programme called Ability Spark. 
This is an inclusive digital physical education program for all children with their parents, caregivers, family, friends, and special educators. Through this holistic programme, it is hoped that the children with disabilities will have the same roles and experiences as their peers who do not have a disability. Since India is a country with the largest number of youth, this programme puts us in a unique position to help students attain the internationally recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity during this time marked by school closures and strict social distancing measures. 
According to WHO, around 15 per cent of the world’s population, or an estimated 1 billion people, live with some kind of disability. They are the world’s largest minority. The COVID-19 crisis has further marginalized people with disabilities. Therefore, creating an inclusive culture for physical education and physical activity to help everyone learn to lead a healthy and active lifestyle is of utmost importance, especially during these trying times.  Accompanying us on this journey is Spark- your virtual friend to guide you through our sport activities.
The programme goes online on 17 August 2020.  Follow us and join this journey through UNESCO New Delhi social media channels to ensure your children can play beyond barriers. 

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