Visit us! New section at the Portal of Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean on how the region is facing Covid-19

The section "Latin America and the Caribbean facing Covid-19 from Culture" can be visited as of today, at the Portal of Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean, by following the link:
Humankind is currently facing a crisis that has strained all its threads. Covid-19 pandemic is not only taking countless lives, but has also shaken the foundations of societies at international level. Latin America and the Caribbean, with its rich culture, is being severely struck by this situation as well. In our region, governments and peoples make sustained and determined efforts to safeguard their rich cultural heritage, while using infinite creative resources, in all their expressions, to mitigate the devastating effects of this pandemic.
As Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, reminded at the online meeting of Ministers of Culture from all over the world, held last April 23rd:
We need culture; therefore, we must help it face this commotion

In this section, we show how Latin America and the Caribbean is coping.

In this new section, created with the invaluable support of UNESCO Offices in Latin America and the Caribbean, we have gathered information on the decisions made in the Culture sector of the region to protect the population from the spread of Covid-19, as well as measures taken to mitigate the pandemic effects in the cultural ecosystem and economically protect artists and cultural workers. Likewise, it includes the creative initiatives that have been developed so that culture continues blooming, using the most varied digital platforms and instruments.

The section will soon offer an English version. Although the titles of the actions will be available in both Spanish and English, according to the corresponding version, the information under those links is only available in the language in which it was published by UNESCO Member States and Associate Members in the region.