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Asia & the Pacific-International Arts Education Week
Last update: 24 May 2022

Art For Education in Tam Ky, Quang Nam, Vietnam

Art For Education is a community art-based project initiated and facilitated by Teach For Vietnam’s Fellows and co-organized by Quang Nam Museum with support from schools, parents, local teachers and other community stakeholders. This creative art education programme targets secondary students in Quang Nam, and aims at encouraging learners develop their creative potential, cultivate their knowledge about local traditional arts, cultural practices and heritage, whilst developing aesthetic and emotional expression, collaboration, problem-solving and creativity competencies. Through 10-week study programmes, more than 40 secondary students have the opportunity to learn about Quang Nam’s cultural identity through artworks, artifacts, and patterns from traditional patterns of Dai Viet culture. They re-draw, create their own patterns on canvas, and participate in collective painting activities called “Circle Painting”, a method that stimulates collaboration.