World Heritage's 50th anniversary Exhibition

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, UNESCO is organizing in partnership with National Geographic an exhibit by photographer and artistic director Yan Bighetty de Flogny. His pictures were taken on UNESCO’s designated sites during his artistic exploration project Al SafarIn the footsteps of Ibn Battuta.

The photographer was inspired by the great 14th century explorer Ibn Battuta and he developed a global cultural and artistic project to highlight and promote cultural diversity, creativity, innovation, tolerance and the importance of Youth in the region. 


World Heritage: what is UNESCO's impact

Lazare Eloundou, Director of World Heritage Centre, testifies to the impact of world heritage and describes the concrete work of UNESCO for the promotion of culture, from Abu Simbel to the Al Nuri Mosq in Mosul.

National Geographic awakens the explorer that lies within each and every one of us by sharing groundbreaking stories from the world's most brilliant scientists, explorers, photographers and filmmakers and is committed to delivering ambitious, high-quality content.

Its mission has been to spread knowledge through images and stories, and to build bridges between peoples for over 130 years.

As such UNESCO's media partner, National Geographic is committed to celebrating World Heritage’s 50th anniversary through several initiatives, such as  a social media campaign, a specially designed website and editorial material.