Fight against Racism and Discrimination

Fight against Racism & Discrimination

Fostering Inclusion, Rights and Dialogue

While important advancements have been achieved in many areas, societies are still plagued by discrimination, racism and inequalities. None of the multifaceted and complex challenges of our times can be tackled effectively without inclusion. This is the resounding message of Agenda 2030 and its pledge to “Leave no one behind”.

The world is more and more interconnected but it does not mean that individuals and societies really live together – as reveal the exclusions suffered by millions of poor, women, youth, migrants and disenfranchised minorities.

In our turbulent international globalized landscape, a central message must be heralded: peace is more than the absence of war, it is living together with our differences – of sex, race, language, religion or culture – while furthering universal respect for justice and human rights on which such coexistence depends. Peace is a choice to be made on each situation, an everyday life decision to engage in sincere dialogue with other individuals and communities.


Inclusion, Rights and Dialogue - Group of people
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Responding to challenges

International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities − ICCAR

assists local authorities in combating discrimination in their capacity as policy maker and service provider

Master Class Series against Racism and Discriminations

empowers students to spread awareness on how to deconstruct the underlying mechanisms

Routes of Enslaved Peoples: Resistance, Liberty and Heritage

"Breaking" the silence surrounding the history of slavery

UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize

for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence

Measuring intercultural dialogue

to support peacefulness, conflict prevention and human rights

Story Circles

building resilience through the development of intercultural competencies

Human Rights

All UNESCO’s global priorities reflect the mainstreaming of human rights principles


emphasizing the human face of migration and supporting inclusive societies


UNESCO Roadmap against racism and discrimination
4 March 2022
We need to talk: measuring intercultural dialogue for peace and inclusion
Institute for Economics and Peace
Funded by the Government of Canada
Manual for developing intercultural competencies: story circles
Writing Peace Manual - Training Tools and Resources
Fallacies of racism exposed: UNESCO publishes Declaration by world's scientists
July - Aug. 1950