President - 41st session

President of the 41st session of the General Conference
Last update: November 15, 2021

Santiago Irazabal Mourão was born on July 19th 1952, son of Ruben Pedro Irazabal and Laurita Lourdes Linhas Mourão de Irazabal. Graduated in Law from the Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1978. Preparatory Courses for Diplomats, Rio Branco Institute, 1982-83. Advanced Courses for Diplomats, Rio Branco Institute, 1991. Postgraduate Courses for Diplomats, Rio Branco Institute, 2003. Thesis: "A proliferação de mísseis e o seu impacto no quadro estratégico global. Os esforços da comunidade internacional para disciplinar a questão. Implicações e desafios para a política externa brasileira" (The proliferation of missiles and its impact on the global strategic plan. The efforts of the international community to address this issue. Implications and challenges for Brazilian foreign policy).

Mr. Santiago Irazabal Mourão (Brazil)

General powers of the President

The President shall declare the opening and closing of each plenary meeting of the Conference. He/She shall direct the discussions, ensure observance of these Rules, accord the right to speak, put questions to the vote and announce decisions. He/She shall rule on points of order and, subject to the present Rules, shall control the proceedings and the maintenance of order. The President may, in the course of the discussion of an item, propose to the Conference the limitation of the time to be allowed to speakers, the limitation of the number of times each speaker may speak, the closure of the list of speakers or the closure of the debate. He/She may also propose the suspension or adjournment of the meeting or the adjournment of the debate on the item under discussion. The President shall not vote, but may designate a member of his/her delegation to vote in his/her place. The President, in the exercise of his/her functions, remains under the authority of the General Conference. The President of the General Conference shall sit ex officio in an advisory capacity on the Executive Board.

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